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1703171 JW Speaker Model 9720 4×6 HID Light, 24V Trapezoid

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  • Unmatched Visibility: The 1703171 JW Speaker Model 9720 4x6 HID Light offers exceptional visibility with its high-intensity discharge (HID) technology. The powerful and focused beam illuminates your working area, ensuring clear visibility in low-light conditions or during nighttime operations. Experience enhanced visibility and work with confidence and precision.
  • Trapezoid Beam Pattern: This HID light features a trapezoid beam pattern that provides a wide and even distribution of light. The broad field of vision allows for optimal visibility in front of your vehicle or machinery, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety. Benefit from a comprehensive illumination solution for your heavy-duty applications.
  • Durability and Reliability: Engineered for rugged environments, the 1703171 JW Speaker Model 9720 4x6 HID Light is built to withstand harsh conditions. Its robust construction and resistance to shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures ensure long-lasting performance. Invest in a lighting solution that is reliable and durable, capable of enduring the demands of your heavy-duty operations.
  • Compatibility with 24V Systems: Designed for 24V systems, this HID light is suitable for a wide range of industrial vehicles and machinery. Whether you operate trucks, agricultural equipment, or construction machinery, the 1703171 JW Speaker Model 9720 4x6 HID Light can seamlessly integrate into your existing system, providing reliable and efficient lighting.
  • Easy Installation: With its user-friendly design, the 1703171 JW Speaker Model 9720 4x6 HID Light offers easy installation. It comes with the necessary hardware and mounting brackets, simplifying the integration process into your heavy-duty applications. Save time and effort during installation and start benefiting from the powerful illumination of this HID light quickly.

Product short description:

Illuminate your heavy-duty applications with the 1703171 JW Speaker Model 9720 4×6 HID Light. This high-intensity discharge (HID) light is designed for professional use, delivering unmatched visibility and durability. With its trapezoid beam pattern and 24V power supply, it ensures superior illumination in demanding environments such as construction sites, mining operations, and off-road applications.

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Product no: 1703171

Product info: 1703171 JW Speaker Model 9720 4x6 HID Light, 24V Trapezoid

Price: US $1,011.00

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