Tektronix: factory-authorized testing and calibration with Carroll

Tektronix, or Tek, is a global company headquartered in the US that supplies testing and measuring devices such as video and mobile test protocol equipment, semiconductor test systems, oscilloscopes and power analyzers.

Tek provides calibration services and testing devices to enable engineers to improve the ease, speed and accuracy of emerging technology and equipment. For industries such as the mining and tunnelling sector, keeping equipment regularly tested and calibrated ensures that operations continue to run productively, efficiently and safely.

Continually testing and measuring the effectiveness of machinery and new technology is key to enabling future development, as well as protecting the effectiveness of current equipment. Tektronic oscilloscopes, probes and analyzers are used across various industries, including medical technologies, military operations, material science and engineering, wired and wireless communication, semiconductor manufacturing, and power industries.

Carroll Technologies utilises Tektonic measuring and testing devices for their factory-authorized repair and calibration services. Covering a wide range of manufacturers in their distribution network, including Pyotte-Boone Electronics, Northern Lights Technology, and MSA, Carroll maximises customer’s investment in mining safety, power and communication solutions with MinerCare 24/7 by extending the working life of products and ensuring they work to their full potential. Using Tektonic measurement devices and testing solutions, Carroll is able to provide mines with certified repairs and calibration documentation. The company also provides 24/7 technical support, an extensive stock of spare parts, and rapid response to mining emergency situations.

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