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Underground Mine Central Communications Center

The Central Communication Center architecture provides a fully redundant set of command posts capable of acting independently in the event of an emergency or catastrophe.

With our exclusive Mine Central Communications Center, mining companies promote a safer and more efficient work environment through a centralized command center that manages multiple mines from a single location.

Mining companies not only realize better peace of mind from protecting their workers—they also realize cost savings by enabling greater operational control from fewer management staff.

This also enables mining companies to efficiently and effectively comply with Federal regulations which require full-time monitoring of all underground miners.

Mine Central Communication Center Product Features

The Central Communication Center receives images, commands, and sounds from the individual control room command consoles so that management is always updated on miner location, environmental factors and so on.

Our system locates miners precisely in real-time and reports on environmental factor supported by radio communications. If and emergency condition happens, the communications center staff can immediately notify safety personnel and coordinate a more effective response.

Our system enables automatic dialling of wired or mobile phones for notification of an emergency.  Automatic communication to paging devices and to e-mail is also supported.

Also, communication among response teams is also enabled allowing effective emergency management.

Only with the right information at hand can the operations staff effectively manage an emergency. In mining emergencies, minutes saved means lives can be saved too.

Contact us below and our representatives will be happy to discuss our Mine Central Communication Center product with you.

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Underground Mining Electrical & Electronics Products

Electrical equipment

More than 800 industrial projects across North America rely on Carroll Technologies Group for their electrical and electronic product needs.

Carroll Technologies Group features leading products like Eaton/Cutler Hammer circuit breakers as well as MSHA-approved ground monitors and intrinsically safe longwall lighting systems.

Our product partners include the best in the business such as Eaton/Cutler Hammer, Line Power, Benshaw, SMC Electrical Products,  American Electric Equipment, and Bluefield Manufacturing (BMI).

Here are just some of the mining electrical equipment product categories we have on hand:

Contact us below and our representatives will be happy to discuss our wide range of mining electrical equipment and products with you.

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Underground Mining Motor Controls & Equipment

Mine conveyor (Carroll)

Our “best of breed” product lineup provides solutions for conveyor controls, longwall face conveyors as well as vehicle loading and unloading just to name a few. 

Being able to depend on 24/7 support is yet another reason why mine operators look to Carroll Technologies Group.

From applications for precisely-controlled starting and stopping to pump starters and wireless remotes, Carroll Technologies Group sells and services everything from the products which are in popular demand to those that are hard to find.

Our partners for motor control products include leading brands such as Eaton / Cutler-Hammer, MCI, Benshaw, Micron Industries, Toshiba, and Cooper Bussman.

Motor Controls for the Water Industry

Motor controls are vital pieces of equipment for companies in the water industry when undertaking construction work. Motor controls power specialized conveyor belts, allowing for the efficient clearing of debris and rubble – essential for the completion of complex projects in the water industry such as pipeline installation and tunneling. Carroll Technologies offers a comprehensive range of motor controls for applications within the water industry, helping to keep construction project timelines to a minimum.

Based on Carroll Technologies Group’s promise of having the right products at the right time, here is a select list of motor control products available to you from our extensive inventory:

  • DC Motor Controls, IGBT Traction Controls, Drives
  • Pump Starting Packages
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers & Repair Center
  • Control Transformers
  • Fuses, Fuse Blocks
  • Push Button Switches
  • Wireless Remote Controls.

Check out our complete list of product partners and you’ll see for yourself that we have the best products from the best companies.

Contact us below and our representatives will be happy to discuss our wide range of mining motor controls and equipment with you.

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Miner & Equipment Tracking Products for Mining, Tunneling & the Water Industry

Miner and equipment tracking (Shutterstock)

That’s why we provide a range of miner and equipment tracking systems in our varied product portfolio for use in a broad range of industrial applications.

Our MSHA-approved solutions for miner safety include the Miner and Equipment Tracking System from Pyott-Boone Electronics (PBE), a top-selling MSHA approved system which provides tracking, radio communications, and atmospheric monitoring all over a single cable.

For tracking purposes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to the helmets of miners transmit location information to readers situated strategically throughout the mine. Personnel in above ground control rooms can then pinpoint the location of any miner below ground.

Whether shown precisely in maps or comprehensively in table format, our solutions for miner tracking give management a clear window into where their teams are working.

Our PBE system also receives atmospheric monitoring data from remote sensor devices.

In a hazardous underground environment like a mine, pipeline or tunnel, every minute can make a difference. Why not make sure that you have time on your side by choosing one of our systems for miner and equipment tracking?

These underground mine tracking systems reduce your need for full-time dispatchers and provide greater reliability for equipment tracking. You’ll protect your people and your capital while lowering your operating costs.

Our solutions in this area meet 2009 Miner Act guidelines and have MSHA Part 23 Approval No. 23-A080013-0.

We offer tracking system solutions that are cost-effective to purchase and maintain with features such as flexible spacing and wired mesh redundant infrastructure designed for post-accident operation.

Emergency reporting and custom reports capability give you everything you need for management and compliance reporting.

Miner & Equipment Tracking for the Water Industry

Organizations working within the water industry utilize a variety of specialist equipment when tunneling or installing pipelines. Not to mention a variety of specialist personnel are also required onsite in order to oversee operations and ensure that equipment is working correctly. As such, it is essential that firms within the water industry are able to monitor their workforce and equipment in order to ensure the safety of their staff and resources. Carroll Technologies stocks an extensive range of personnel and equipment tracking solutions for use within the water industry – helping to keep staff and equipment safe and functional.

Contact us below and our representatives will be happy to discuss our extensive range of miner equipment tracking products with you.

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Underground Mining & Tunneling Monitoring Products

Multi-Gas Detection Instruments for Mining and Tunnelling

Monitoring the complex series of belts and motor controls across long distances that bring materials from deep underground to load-out facilities on the surface is a practical necessity.

Monitoring remote watering and dewatering mining pumps also is critical to maintaining the constant flow of materials to the surface. Any interruption or anomaly in these processes can shut down the process, costing mine operators thousands of dollars.

That’s why Carroll Technologies Group brings a wide variety of underground mine monitoring systems and solutions to its 800+ customers all across North America.

Here’s a small sample of the monitoring systems and products we provide as well as more solutions further below. Contact Us now to learn about our full suite of monitoring products or to request more information.

Atmospheric Monitoring, Belt Monitoring and Fire Suppression Solutions

Carroll Technologies Group offers the best products available for atmospheric monitoring, conveyor and motion monitoring from PBE Axell.

Atmospheric monitoring systems detect and alert to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and more.

For belt monitoring and other applications, the top of the line, dependable Belt Boss series is offered in various models and configurations capable of handling fire suppression, dust suppression, conveyor sequencing and other sensor devices.

Carroll Technologies Group’s outstanding track record of sales and service success with these products is why we have been named Pyott-Boone’s “Distributor of the Year” repeatedly during our 30+ year history.

Backed by 24/7 support, you can count on us for excellent, factory authorized repairs and servicing for all of your mine monitoring software and systems.

Atmospheric Monitoring System (AMS)

Carroll Technologies Group features the Atmospheric Monitoring System (AMS) from Matrix Design Group, the only CO monitoring system with MSHA approval.

This is a key part of both your MSHA compliance strategy as well as a practical solution to protect your people and your investments.

The AMS also complements the Miner and Equipment Tracking System (METS)  to offer an integrated, multi-purpose solution.

AMS from Carroll Technologies Group uses advanced-technology sensors for monitoring that cut the maintenance and support costs while keeping operations safe and secure. Wired or wireless sensors send data to AMS control consoles that provide alerts when calibration or maintenance is needed.

Open Protocol Mine-Wide Monitoring System (OPMMS)

The Open Protocol Mine-Wide Monitoring System only from Carroll Technologies integrates a variety of individual monitoring products for belt/ motor operations as well as environmental monitoring into a complete command, control and monitoring solution for coal mine operators.

The OPMMS leverages Rockwell and Allen/Bradley products for monitoring:

  • PLC Equipment like Belt Starters, Motor Control Centers,  Load-out Facilities
  • Environmental Monitoring using 4-20ma Devices
  • Miner and Longwall Control Centers
  • Belt Monitoring, Control and Diagnostics
  • Fan Locations
  • Remote Watering and De-Watering Pump Monitoring and Control

The OPMMS links any or all of these subsystems on a fiber-optic network, providing system operators a “single pane of glass” view to monitor all mine operations.

Monitoring Equipment for the Water Industry

Effective monitoring equipment is essential for construction projects within the water industry, such as when building tunnels for pipelines. Without proper monitoring equipment, such as gas detection systems and accurate atmospheric monitors, potential risks to the safety of workers are greatly exacerbated. Carroll Technologies is proud to supply a vast range of monitoring equipment for use within the water industry which are applicable to an extensive range of projects and operations.

Contact us below and our representatives will be happy to discuss our range of mine monitoring systems and products with you.

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Underground Mining Power Distribution Equipment Products

Harrington Hoists mining products

Carroll Technologies Group’s strategy of having the right products at the right time, backed by  24/7 support is why so many look to us as their trusted partner.

From variable frequency drives used in applications like mine ventilation, pumps and conveyors to hoists, trolleys and cranes, Carroll Technologies Group has the power distribution equipment that customers demand.

We sell and service the best products from the leading manufacturers in the power equipment business such as Benshaw, Inc., Federal Pacific, J & R Manufacturing, Mining Controls, Baldor and SMC Electrical Products.

Power Distribution Equipment for the Water Industry

It is common knowledge that electricity and water don’t usually mix. However, within the water industry, many companies rely on effective power distribution in order to keep vital equipment such as pumps functional and efficient. Carroll Technologies offers a variety of power distribution equipment for use within the water industry, which can be implemented to support a vast array of operations, from pipelines to tunneling.

Our comprehensive selection of top-quality power equipment products includes:

Contact us below and our representatives will be happy to discuss our wide range of mining power distribution equipment and electronics with you.

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Underground Mining Safety Equipment & Supplies

mine safety equipment and supplies

It’s one of the reasons why over 800 projects in North America trust Carroll Technologies Group for their mining safety equipment, products and services needs.

Carroll Technologies Group always offers the right products at the right time, and all of them are backed by 24/7 support.

Our safety equipment products include the best available from leading product companies in mine safety such as Ocenco, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Superior Technologies, and Task Force Tips.

Self Rescuers

Ocenco’s Self Rescuer mine safety products featured by Carroll Technologies Group use pure oxygen unlike chemical-based solutions from other vendors. This unique capability allows for extended life, a critical feature needed for mine safety.

Since these units can be repaired and refurbished while chemical-based solutions cannot, you will get a 15-year useful life. These products are not only trusted by mines, they are also used extensively in demanding military environments so you know that they are the best of the best.

The EBA 6.5 SCSR (Self Contained Self Rescuer) provides 1 hour of pure oxygen while the compact M-20 SCSR yields 20 minutes of pure oxygen. Both are MSHA approved.

From Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) we feature a full line of safety products, including W65 Rescuers, Altair Gas Detection units (Spotters), Galaxy Calibration units for Altair spotters, Elf Dust Pumps and Fall Protection Equipment; Honeywell Gas Detection and Safety Products.

Our comprehensive selection of top-quality mine safety equipment and products include:

Check out our complete list of product partners and you’ll see for yourself that we have the mining safety equipment from the best companies.

Contact us below and our representatives will be happy to discuss our wide range of mining safety equipment with you.

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Underground Mining, Tunneling & Water Industrial Communications Products

Underground and mining communication systems

But the obstacles become more daunting when you add in the requirement to monitor potentially dangerous atmospheric conditions and provide position tracking for miners as well as equipment. These are stringent requirements where only the best will do.

That’s why over 800 projects turn to Carroll Technologies Group for their integrated underground communication system needs.

Carroll Technologies Group partners with the leading companies like Lockheed Martin, PBE Axell, Becker/Varis, Allen Bradley and others to deliver state-of-the-art communications solutions to the mining industry.

All products delivered by Carroll Technologies Group are backed by 24/7 service and support.

Underground Communications for the Water Industry

Effective communications such as pipeline communications ensure that industrial operations continue to run smoothly, day after day. Without adequate means of communication, workers monitoring pipelines are unable to relay the current status of the pipeline in question which can lead to a myriad of issues. Moreover, with pipelines being predominantly underground, ensuring effective communications between workers is a lot more difficult than the above-ground equivalents. Therefore, the specialist pipeline communications equipment that Carroll Technologies provides is a key element for maximizing the operational efficiency of any industry utilizing pipelines.

Featured Communications Solutions:

  • Self-contained, wireless communications system for two-way voice and text communications
  • Network reach to distances in excess of 1500′
  • No in-mine infrastructure or cables required
  • Contained in an explosion proof enclosure
  • Safe to be placed near refuge chambers and mine working areas
  • Capable of interfacing with miners’ hand-held emergency radios
Leaky Feeder Radio Communications Systems
  • Provide wireless radio communications both above and below the ground
  • More resistant to damage and provide better clarity and coverage, hence superior to traditional antennas for mining applications

Our Leaky Feeder Communication Systems from Becker/Varis and the Minecom system distributed in partnership with Pyott-Boone enable mining companies to realize savings and a lower overall cost of ownership through efficient engineering. Customers choose these systems for MSHA communications mandates but as an effective, efficient production tool as well. That’s why we can point to more installed systems in the U.S.A.

Underground Communications

Carroll Technologies Group works in partnership with Pyott-Boone to offer:


Portable, Wireless Underground Communications

Carroll Technologies Group are the authorised dealer of Sybet portable wireless communications systems in the US and Canada. The Sybet solution offers:

  • Groundbreaking technology for life-saving purposes
  • Facilitates quick and easy deployment for rescue teams
  • SpellCom system:
    • Wireless underground communication setup
    • Specifically designed for caves or similar environments
    • Components include MiniNodes and mPhones
    • Supports 10-30 MiniNodes and 4 radiophones
    • Capabilities include localization, remote supervision, and extended operation modes
    • Extended setup offers monitoring of phone locations, battery levels, and complete wireless infrastructure oversight
  • SWAR-2EX:
    • Wireless communication system for mine rescue operations
    • Facilitates communication between rescue teams and surface operation managers
    • Components include battery radio nodes, radiotelephones, and optional fresh air base station
    • Supports monitoring of operation and component positions, radiophone tracking, and various alarming functions
    • Offers continuous operation for up to five days on a full charge


Central Communications Center
  • Our mining central communications center offers an integrated command and control room that ties together voice and data communications, location tracking and atmospheric monitoring systems
  • Architecture provides a fully redundant set of command posts capable of acting independently in the event of an emergency or catastrophe.
  • Transmit images, commands, and sounds from the individual control room command consoles (e.g. communication status, location tracking, environmental monitoring, and other control systems) of the connected mines to the Center.
Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephone Solution
  • Rich and flexible features designed specifically for the mining industry with features such as voicemail, conference calling, call queuing, system wide paging and call detail records for your underground operation as well as offices.

Contact us below today and discover how Carroll Technologies can help you with your mining communication system needs.